Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which the stimulation of one sense triggers an instantaneous and involuntary experience in another. In other words, it causes two or more senses to cross.

People with Synesthesia may be able to “hear” color, or “taste” sound. There are many different kinds of Synesthesia, and people who have it sometimes have more than one type. But because the experience of the five senses is so internal, many people who have Synesthesia don't realize until later on in life that their sensory experience is significantly different from what others experience.



TSN acts as a nexus between researchers and synesthetes. Wherever possible, we offer users with Synesthesia the opportunity to verify their condition through the use of assessment tools, but the focus of TSN from an academic standpoint is to offer researchers a way to safely be in touch with potential participants and valuable sources of information which can then be evaluated and assessed to the standards of a specific project.


TSN is also a resource for researchers and academics to discuss their questions and findings with counterparts who may be conducting similar research projects, and who may even be interested in collaborating. This is a comprehensive way to share, gather, and discuss information about Synesthesia.


Help us put a face to the name. Hey, we get it: having Synesthesia can feel isolating at times. But it doesn't have to be. Everyone involved with TSN is here because they either have the condition, or they want to learn more about it. This is your chance to learn, share, and connect with people who can sympathize and empathize.

Sharing your info can also help researchers discover more about the human brain by sharing your experiential knowledge. Telling your story can help educate the public about Synesthesia while promoting a better understanding of why it needs to be researched.


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